Since its inception in 1979 by Jim Foley, the computer graphics program at GW has been marked by three overriding themes: interdisciplinary collaboration, applications to real-world problems, and above all, individual creativity. Research topics have spanned the spectrum of physics-based motion control, interpolation of motion captured data, haptic interaction devices and techniques, sound synthesis and synchronization, global illumination, and information exploration and visualization. The students who have gone through our programs can be found all over the world in academia, movie production, game companies, government organizations, research institutions, and private companies.

Today, our educational program consists of BS and BA degrees in Computer Science with options in Digital Media and Biomedical Computing. The MS and Doctoral programs emphasize creative solutions to important real-world problems. Our members are truly interdisciplinary, encompassing a diverse range of interests, from art to basic science; from medicine to engineering; from entertainment to military applications.