Accurate 3D Human Body Reconstruction System for Medical Purpose

In the last decade, 3D modeling industry enjoyed booming development in both hardware and software. For hardware, wide variety of sensors were invented, some of which are relative high-end, costing thousands dollar with resolution level in the sub-millimeter range; while others are cheap but limited in both resolution and data quality. For software, most of the 3D reconstruction systems using low cost hardware aims at creating avatars for gaming, animation, 3D printing or fashion industry, but have low capabilities in reconstruction accuracy and reliability. On the other hand, there is no easy access for public to high-level medical grade scan system to scan themselves and get feedback with their health data, because systems designed for medical institutions are typically expensive, immobile and require trained professionals to operate. Moreover, most of the 3D shape reconstruction systems designed for medical purposes have rigorous pose requirements, such as having the subjects stand still and hold a pose for minutes. We present a cost-efficient easy to use 3D human body scan system for medical applications using entertainment level depth sensors which provide reconstruction result with high degree of accuracy and reliability. Users are able to scan themselves in a flexible way, rotating roughly 45°each time and hold their pose for 1-2 seconds, instead of being required to stand still on a turntable or hold one pose for several minutes. Our system enables the public to get easy access to their health data relative to their shapes, such as to estimate their body fat or to track the changes of body shape during a certain period of time.


Body fat check



Participants: Yao Lu, Shang Zhao, James Hahn, Geoffrey Hudson, Melissa Napolitano, Jerry Danoff 
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