CS 6554 - Computer Graphics II: Spring 2005

Assignments Uploaded


General Information

TEXT: Watt, 3D Computer Graphics, third edition




Prof. James K. Hahn
Office: 720B
E-mail:  [email protected]

OFFICE HOURS:   Mondays, Wednesdays 4:00-6:00


ASSIGNMENTS  There will be approximately four programming assignments in addition to a term project. Late assignments will not be accepted. The assignments will demonstrate concepts learned in class. The assignments will be handed-in by posting to the class web page and by emailing the grader: [email protected]


EXAMS:  A mid-term and a final


PROJECT:  : Each student completes an individual final project. This project should not necessarily be the most challenging (i.e. the final project is weighted the same as the other four assignments). The topic of the final project is entirely up to the student. You should discuss the project with the instructor.


GRADES:  Based on the following weighting:


             Assignments + Project     50%
             Mid-term exam        20%
             Final exam     30%

Grading is on a curve, modified to account for overall class quality.


MISSED EXAM:  By prior arrangement only, or due to an immediate personal emergency.


COOPERATION: It is reasonable for you to discuss approaches to problem solutions with each other. It is unreasonable to collaboratively work out a detailed solution, to copy a solution, or to give away a solution.

Outline for Spring 2005


Topics      Chap Lab assigned
3-D Viewing Transformation 5 Lab 1
Shading 6  
Visible-Surface Determination 6 Lab 2
Illumination Models 7 Lab 3
Representation/modeling 2  
Representation of Curves and Surfaces 3  
Representation and rendering 4  
Anti-aliasing 14  
Texture Mapping 8 Lab 4
Procedural Textures 8  
Shadows 9  
Global Illumination 10 Lab 5
Ray Tracing 11  
Radiosity 12  
Volumetric Rendering 13  
Image-based Rendering 16  

Project Presentations(Festival of Animation May 6?)    

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