Distributed Visual Environment Allied Health Training System

The goal of this system is a computer-based educational system that trains medical personnel in the performance of a variety of needle stick procedures. The system is designed to apply two syringe procedures, subcutaneous insertion and intravenous insertion. For each procedure, the system consists of a multimedia training component and a virtual reality (VR) simulation system in which the student performs the procedures. For each procedure the tutorial subsystem provides a lesson that presents information through multimedia contents and user-friendly widgets.


Photo of a computer and microscope


At the end of the module or, the student can execute the simulation module for their practice purpose. The VR simulation incorporates a visual display which presents a realistic view of the procedure as it is performed. During the VR simulation, the user is also able to feel haptic feedback of various virtual patients in the simulation using the computer mouse and PHANToM device which supplies 6- DOF input manipulation and 3-DOF haptic feedback. (Funded by Casde Corp. and the Army Research Institute)

Participants: Dongho Kim, Sang-Joon Lee, James K. Hahn