How to participate in Spring 2020 Festival of Animation

The Spring 2020 Festival of Animation will be on Friday, May 22nd from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM using the Mozilla Hubs, a real-time communications platform for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, or however else you browse the internet. You will be able to tour the festival locations similar to an art gallery and meet with your friends and attendees remotely via an avatar to represent yourself.

How to Join the Festival of Animation Virtually

Please register for the event with your email address by filling out the online form. Upon your registration, you will be displayed a Hubs link to enter the Welcome Hall, the main virtual festival room. If you have not accessed Hubs before you need to choose a name and avatar. You don't need an account to use Hubs, but some features are only available if you sign in. If you already have an account on Hubs you may sign in and use the same avatar to enter the Welcome Hall. 

You can explore Hubs on Mozilla’s ( site and watch the “Getting Started with Mozilla Hubs” tutorial. Also, the Hubs Wiki ( has overviews of the controls and capabilities of Hubs, how to use it on desktops or in VR, and other tips on making the Hubs experience enjoyable.

Terms of Service: Please refer to the Terms of Service which explains your rights and responsibilities and Privacy Notice when you use Hubs by Mozilla.

What to expect at the Festival?

Projects from Animation, AR/VR, Computer Graphics and Interactive Multimedia classes will be showcased in individual virtual rooms from 4:00 PM until 5:45 PM.

Walk around...visit each fun!

Prizes! A jury of CS faculty will review and select Best Creation/Design per class.

Audience Awards! Virtual Festival attendees will vote for the exhibited projects to choose the winners for the "Audience Award". More details on voting will be provided at the festival.

The Prize Winners and Audience Awards will be announced starting at 5:45PM in the Welcome Hall.

What if I do not have a VR Headset?

Hubs works across platforms. Got a VR headset? Awesome! If not, you can use your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

In order to navigate using your desktop or laptop computer, use "W" to move forward, "S" to move backward, "A" to move left sideways, and "D" to move right sideways. Use your mouse to change direction. On your iPhone, use pinch gesture to move forward or backward and use your finger to change directions."

Please put on your headphones. Echo and feedback will ruin the experience for everyone!

Finally, please remember that this is an academic event, and you should abide by the GWU Code of Conduct, as if you were physically at the festival on campus.

Looking forward to virtually meeting with you at the Festival of Animation!