Interacted Sound and Motion for VR and Animation

In this project, we are investigating the design and generation of sounds as well as problems related to environmental effects and synchronization to motion. We have used the idea of "timbre trees" (analogous to "shade trees") to express sounds procedurally. Genetic algorithms have been used to alter these trees to design new sounds.


Interacted Sound and Motion for VR and Animation graphical image

We are exploring the use of these techniques in virtual environments. Our work in sound generation for virtual environments has focused on the problem of real-time generation of synthetic sound, as well as frameworks for integrating sound into virtual environment interfaces.

We have developed a framework for integrating sound into virtual environments which supports real-time generation of spatialized synthetic as well as sampled sound sources. The system provides high level abstractions for modeling the auditory world making integrating sound a relatively painless process. The Virtual Audio Server is now available to the public.

Participants: Hesham Fouad, James Hahn

Demo Video1 WMV (3.67M) | Demo Video2 WMV (2.3M)