Michele Mietus-Snyder


Dr. Mietus-Snyder is a preventive cardiologist and clinical research scientist at Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC.  Her long-term clinical research interests are focused on understanding the etiology and physiology of cardiometabolic risk and the barriers to heart-healthy behavioral change that can mitigate this risk. Her current research focus is on the role of synergistic activity and dietary micro and macronutrient upgrades for optimal lipid metabolism, stress resilience, total body weight and weight distribution.  Dr. Mietus-Snyder is site PI for the NIH/NHLBI Pediatric Heart Network Dyslipidemia of Overweight/Obesity In Teens (DO IT) Trial of pitavastatin therapy.  An ardent heart-healthy lifestyle advocate, Dr. Mietus-Snyder also works with George Washington University medical students in an academic-community collaborative employing mentored behavioral change to strengthen local school wellness policy. This program, called Kid Power or KiPOWTM, is in its 9th year in the District of Columbia and has also been successfully implemented by Team KiPOW-DC medical student graduates in Orange County California and Dallas Texas.  All of these efforts are focused on the identification and implementation of more precise, effective and readily generalized lifestyle strategies to manage and attenuate the burden of cardiometabolic risk associated with the growing epidemic of childhood obesity, or more accurately with unhealthy adiposity.


ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2791-9896