Advancing 3D body surface scan technology to assess obstetric patients

Why is this study being done?

  • Current techniques for measuring growth during pregnancy are either not very accurate, invasive, or require expensive specialized devices.
  • By doing this study, we hope to develop an inexpensive, noninvasive way to assess prenatal health and other health outcomes during pregnancy.
  • This could help healthcare providers better answers patients’ questions about pregnancy, improve methods of detecting problems during pregnancy, and improve methods for identifying and treating patients during pregnancy.
  • Around 16-18 weeks, you will be contacted to see if you are willing to participate in the study. We will schedule the Fit3D scan during your next prenatal visit
  • We invite you to take part in a research study because you will be undergoing prenatal care.
  • We plan to enroll 100 women at the George Washington University MFA.

What will happen during this study?

  • This study consists of two Fit3D optical scanning sessions (at the GW MFA office) between 18-24 weeks and the other between 31-38 weeks. After each scan, you will answer a short questionnaire about the technology, which will take 5 minutes.
  • The visit will be conducted in a private room at 2150 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Floor 6B, Washington, DC 20037
  • Your scan will occur either before or after your prenatal appointment. Prior to the Fit3D scan, you will interact with a scanning technician, who will instruct you on how to stand during the scan
  • To accurately scan your body shape, you will be asked to wear form-fitting clothing which will be provided to you. The technician will leave the room and you will remove your clothes and put on new form-fitting clothing. The scanning technician will re-enter the room and conduct the scan. The scan takes 5 minutes, after which you will get dressed again in private

How can I learn more about the study?

Please let your doctor or the study team know you are interested in learning more about the study.


scanner                                                       scan_gif