Reactive Actor in Virtual Environment

A virtual environment differs from a classical frame based animation system mainly in its non-deterministic nature. To address these dynamic conditions, actors must respond to events within the environment as they occur and not simply follow pre-specified scripts.

We are developing an adaptive control technique to improve the creation and runtime control of reactive actors. A reactive actor is defined as a control entity that autonomously chooses its behavior based on the information it receives from the environment and its own internal state.


Reactive Actor in Virtual Environment Graphical Image


RAVE (Reactive Actors in Virtual Environments) uses a reinforcement learning model to automatically generate controllers for typical 2D navigational tasks. Collective Learning Systems (CLS) theory is integrated within a hierarchical control model to create controllers which quickly converge on optimal navigational strategies and also adapt to changing environment conditions during runtime.

Participants: Daria E. Bergen, James K. Hahn